Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 6

Welcome to Part 6!
I applaud you if you have kept up with my boring tales of going to Disneyland!
I hope you enjoy this segment!
Cars Land at night.  Made me want to move to Radiator Springs!

I would like this for my tree topper at Christmas time. 

Even Filmores got in on the Christmas decor. 

Clever decor. 

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  LOVE this ride! You can see Carthay Circle Theater in the distance off to the right. 

Getting ready for the holiday version of World of Color!

It's so beautiful!

World of Color is okay to me but this holiday version was just plain fantastic!

The water can go so incredibly high!

Time for a spin on the holiday version of It's a Small World.  I don't have indoor pics in this post but in a future one I will and it's AMAZING.  The cutest ride ever when it's decorated for Christmas!

Cool clock.

Sooooooo many lights.

A topiary bear lit up with lights.  So whimsical. 

About to float into the building.

Neat little view of the tippity top of the castle through some trees.

The beautiful Sleeping Beauty castle lit up Christmas style.  Oh man, so gorgeous!!!!!

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