Saturday, July 5, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 7

Hello Disney friends!
It is time for yet ANOTHER trip installment.
Before I start, I also just have to express how excited I am for this January.  If you hadn't read in my previous posts, we are going to Disney World! The trip will be about 8 days long (still working on the exact length).
I am hoping that before then we can get a fancy, fancy camera and a GoPro to record videos.  I can't wait to go and come back with such wonderful memories as this will be our first trip to Disney World EVER for both the hubby and I.
In the mean time, enjoy this January 2014 trip post!
They had a fun "Monsters University" building front in California Adventure.  LOVE that movie! In fact, just watched it yesterday.
I also need to point out that I just noticed that the sconces are actually eyeballs! These little things are why I love Disney.

Some blue bushes outside the building.

And some monster bicycles. 

It was time for a twirl on Francis' Ladybug Boogie! The trip before this one we all squeezed our buns into one ladybug.  Never again.......never again. 

Mom is really excited to be on Hemlich's Chew Chew Train. 

Lunch at Pacific Wharf Cafe!!! My next post is a review of this restaurant.  Nom, nom nom. 

They now have a Ghirardelli in California Adventure! And just like all the other stores you get a free chocolate at the door.  YES, something FREE in Disney! I challenge you to go in the entrance and out and go back in again as many times as you can before they realize what you're doing.  Now THAT would be funny.

And of course, we had to play a Boardwalk game so Ken could get a stuffed animal. 

Time for the Christmas parade.  We had supreme seats outside of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. 

And speaking of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln here are some fabulous Christmas decorations on the building.

Winnie the Pooh! My favorite!!!!!!

This picture does not do this tree justice.  It was beautifully decorated and lit up.

Hope you enjoyed this installment!

Next post is my review of Pacific Wharf Cafe in California Adventure!

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