Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disneyland Food Review : Cafe Orleans

Cafe Orleans is one of our FAVORITE places to eat in Disneyland.
It is located just across the Rivers of America close to Pirates of the Caribbean in New Orleans Square.
They offer everything from French Onion Soup and Pommes Frites to Monte Cristo Sandwiches and Mickey Shaped Beignets.
It is delicious, priced reasonably (for Disneyland) and has great service.

Ken just excited to be able to hold the menu!

Some lovely New Orleans Square Christmas decorations.

Our "starter" is ALWAYS the Pommes Frites.  I literally cannot explain how much we love these things and the sauce it comes with.  The frites are drenched in Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley and served with a Cajun dipping sauce.  HEAVEN ON EARTH.  We easily polish off the basket between the two of us.  I think one basket per two people is a good ratio when it comes to these addicting things!  So divine.

They are priced at about $5.49 per basket.  Unfortunately, no free refills here.

On this trip Ken opted for the Monte Cristo Sandwich.  It is a deep fried sandwich with turkey, ham and swiss cheese served with a berry dipping sauce.  I find this sandwich to be disgusting.  Ken finds it to be DELICIOUS and loves it.  Now I know there is a cult following of this sandwich and that I am committing blasphemy by speaking against it, but I'm just not a fan!  Ken gets this every time and loves it though. 

It is about $17.99.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! I have never gotten anything else at Cafe Orleans except for this Mardi Gras Chicken Sandwich and I probably will never try anything else.  This is Disney Park food at it's finest.

It is a multi grain roll with blackened chicken and spicy avocado relish.  I like to have the relish served on the side because I find it can be a bit overpowering for my taste if the whole bunch of it is on the sandwich.  The chicken is incredibly flavorful and moist.  It comes with sweet potato fries but I instead got fresh fruit on the side because we always get the Pommes Frites to start out with.  I would definitely recommend this as I find it to be too many fries if I have both the Pommes Frites AND sweet potato fries.  The fruit tastes great to balance out the spicy avocado relish as well.

It is priced at about $17.99.

Overall I give this restaurant a 9/10 and Ken gives it an 8/10.

We love the New Orleans atmosphere, view and the great food.  It is so nice after being on your feet for hours going shopping and riding attractions to just relax at a nice sit down restaurant.

Hope you enjoyed this review and that you may find it helpful on your next Disneyland trip!

My next trip installment of our January 2014 Disneyland trip will be coming soon!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 3

Welcome to Part 3! .
I hope you enjoy this installment!

Beautiful Christmas decorations by Pirates of the Caribbean.

One of our favorite, favorite FAVORITE stores is Pieces of Eight located next to Pirates of the Caribbean.  It is a pirate themed store offering Jack Sparrow hats with wigs, gold coins, Jake and the Never Land Pirates toys, etc.  So cool!

We thought this fortune telling arcade machine was so detailed and neat. 

Ken trying to act like a pirate.  He's got the beard part down.

Lovely view of the Matterhorn whilst entering Tomorrowland.

We love our penny press machines! They make such a unique and fun souvenir.  I love getting out our books and seeing all the various ones we've collected.

Unfortunately, this particular Wreck it Ralph penny press was not working.  Hence the saddened face (It opened up at a later date and we were able to get them though! Oh happy day!).

Ken is gonna WRECK IT!

We decided it might be fun to go see the "It's Tough to Be a Bug" show.  You actually walk down into the ground to get to the theater and things get bigger around you, making you feel like you are a bug yourself.  Sorry about the dim lighting in the picture.  I wanted you to see how fun it was inside the "ant hole" though! SOOOO much detail!

While waiting for the show to begin we laughed at some witty movie and theater bug posters.

Very clever.

We were officially inaugurated as bugs when we received our very own pair of bug glasses!

I love how A Bug's Land makes everything seem big around you so that you feel small. 

Tower of Terror creeping through the leaves.

Hemlich's Chew Chew Train!

Very happy to be on the ride.  It makes us smile.  And yes I am wearing Minnie Mouse sunglasses.  How CUTE right!?!?

A GIGANTIC apple.  He must have been hungry!

He also chewed his way through a watermelon. 

I WISH I had a box of animal crackers that big!

Actually, I WISH I had a cupcake that enormous! Life would be grand.

Had to take a picture of this. It's a bench made of out of popsicle sticks! Disney, you've done it again.

I hope you enjoyed this third installment.  I know that for me looking over the photos and typing the memories really brings trip details back to me and makes me happy.

My next installment will actually be a food review for Cafe Orleans.  So look for that to hit soon!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 2

Welcome to Part 2!

Sleeping Beauty Castle was incredibly beautiful during the day. 

I love noticing the tiny details in Fantasyland.  The crocodile is one of Ken's favorite characters in "Peter Pan".

Clock tower outside Peter Pan's Flight ride.

The Casey Jr. Circus Train is quickly becoming a favorite.  That little train can really get going!

Waiting for the train to come round the bend!!!

It's time for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride!!!

These stone characters are so intricate and fun to look at and read on the way inside.

Mr. Toad we love you!!!

Another stone character.

Just about inside!!!

Top of the Matterhorn from a Fantasyland perspective.

While in line for the Alice in Wonderland ride we were lucky enough to catch a bit of the Christmas parade! It was beyond cute!!!

Oh my oh my.  Could the view get any better? Needless to say the castle was breathtaking once the sun went down.  We could have stared at that all happy. 

The picture is a bit fuzzy but this is the outside of Indiana Jones Adventure.  Seriously could a ride queue get any cooler?? The answer is no.

During the Christmas season at Disneyland they do a ride overlay on The Haunted Mansion to Haunted Mansion Holiday.  I like it better! You can't really see from this picture but the dozens of candles and jack o' lanterns on the mansion are stunning at night.

I hope you enjoyed part 2!

Part 3 will be coming soon!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 1

Hello! Long time no post! Today is when all of your dreams come true!


Ken and I were lucky enough to go to Disneyland this past January with my parent's. What a wonderful trip it was!Very spur of the moment but oh so magical.

Ken had been desperately wanting to go to Disneyland to see all of the Christmas goodness for ages since he had never seen it.

And a Christmas miracle happened......

We started planning the trip on Christmas Day!

I was also lucky enough to go with my sister and parent's this past March. That post will be up shortly after this one is completed.

I also have exciting news! Ken and I are going with my parent's to Disney World this January! We have never been and couldn't be more excited for the opportunity to explore those parks! I'm so excited to document that adventure and share it with all of you as well!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this January 2014 Trip Report!!!!!!

* Just wanted to interject a quick note here. Some of the pictures were taken on my camera and some on my parent's so if things don't match exactly up or there are multiples of some pictures or events I apologize! *

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 1

Our day started EARLY getting to the airport.  I think this picture shows just how tired Ken really was.......

After checking our bags, security, the bathroom and a quick run to get snacks and breakfast we were on the plane on our way to The Happiest Place On Earth!

I got a chocolate muffin.  Wasn't great but did what it needed to.

Ken listening to music and chowing down on Delta cookies.

I thoroughly hate flying so I like to distract myself with dvds.  In this case, it was "Monsters University".

Some cookies, drinks and a dvd later we were at Disneyland!

It was so beautiful.  I hate that after Christmas lull and having this trip in January AFTER Christmas really got me happy! Look at the festive feel!

OF COURSE one of our first stops was for a quick snack at Maurice's Treats cart for a cheddar twist.

And a Boysen Apple Freeze.  YUMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Ken getting ready to devour the treats!

I love exploring the shops by Pirates of the Caribbean.  This one in particular is just lovely.  I didn't write down the name but they sell TONS of crystal figurines.  I am usually not one for such "Grandma" type stuff (okay, that's a flat out lie) but I could collect some of these!

Another view of the crystal shop.

Later on it was time to enjoy Winnie the Pooh! One of our all time favorites!!!!!!

After the ride we of course had to look at my favorite store in all of Disneyland! Pooh Corner!

You know a place is special when the refrigerator is even rockin'!

A beautiful Winnie the Pooh inspired Christmas tree.  Ahhhhh, I would like in my house please.  Can somebody please get on that ASAP? Thank you.

It is law that you cannot leave Pooh Corner without a treat.  So we settled on a delicious gingerbread.  It was all kinds of amazing.  SOOOO divine.

Some more Winnie the Pooh inspired Christmas decor.

Time for a ride on Splash Mountain! What the heck is Ken doing?

A nice little quote on the way out of the ride. 

I hope you enjoyed this first installment! Look for Part 2 to hit soon!