Saturday, July 5, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 7

Hello Disney friends!
It is time for yet ANOTHER trip installment.
Before I start, I also just have to express how excited I am for this January.  If you hadn't read in my previous posts, we are going to Disney World! The trip will be about 8 days long (still working on the exact length).
I am hoping that before then we can get a fancy, fancy camera and a GoPro to record videos.  I can't wait to go and come back with such wonderful memories as this will be our first trip to Disney World EVER for both the hubby and I.
In the mean time, enjoy this January 2014 trip post!
They had a fun "Monsters University" building front in California Adventure.  LOVE that movie! In fact, just watched it yesterday.
I also need to point out that I just noticed that the sconces are actually eyeballs! These little things are why I love Disney.

Some blue bushes outside the building.

And some monster bicycles. 

It was time for a twirl on Francis' Ladybug Boogie! The trip before this one we all squeezed our buns into one ladybug.  Never again.......never again. 

Mom is really excited to be on Hemlich's Chew Chew Train. 

Lunch at Pacific Wharf Cafe!!! My next post is a review of this restaurant.  Nom, nom nom. 

They now have a Ghirardelli in California Adventure! And just like all the other stores you get a free chocolate at the door.  YES, something FREE in Disney! I challenge you to go in the entrance and out and go back in again as many times as you can before they realize what you're doing.  Now THAT would be funny.

And of course, we had to play a Boardwalk game so Ken could get a stuffed animal. 

Time for the Christmas parade.  We had supreme seats outside of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. 

And speaking of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln here are some fabulous Christmas decorations on the building.

Winnie the Pooh! My favorite!!!!!!

This picture does not do this tree justice.  It was beautifully decorated and lit up.

Hope you enjoyed this installment!

Next post is my review of Pacific Wharf Cafe in California Adventure!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 6

Welcome to Part 6!
I applaud you if you have kept up with my boring tales of going to Disneyland!
I hope you enjoy this segment!
Cars Land at night.  Made me want to move to Radiator Springs!

I would like this for my tree topper at Christmas time. 

Even Filmores got in on the Christmas decor. 

Clever decor. 

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree.  LOVE this ride! You can see Carthay Circle Theater in the distance off to the right. 

Getting ready for the holiday version of World of Color!

It's so beautiful!

World of Color is okay to me but this holiday version was just plain fantastic!

The water can go so incredibly high!

Time for a spin on the holiday version of It's a Small World.  I don't have indoor pics in this post but in a future one I will and it's AMAZING.  The cutest ride ever when it's decorated for Christmas!

Cool clock.

Sooooooo many lights.

A topiary bear lit up with lights.  So whimsical. 

About to float into the building.

Neat little view of the tippity top of the castle through some trees.

The beautiful Sleeping Beauty castle lit up Christmas style.  Oh man, so gorgeous!!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Disneyland January 2014 : Part 5

Welcome to Part 5!

When it got dark we noticed this pimped out ride.  What a GREAT idea to quickly spot your stroller at night! I guarantee nobody would steal that one!

The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure!  Obsessed with these kelp themed lights.

And this kelp tile work.

Oh Disney.  You've done it again.  The shells are speakers!

The clams going into the ride.  Love the ship!

Pretty mural.

Here is the Mad Tea Party! Ken and I surprisingly liked this!

It's an "Alice in Wonderland" themed dance party.  Drinks are sold but barely anybody was drinking.  Lots of families just having a good time and dancing!  The music was awesome! The DJ was the White Rabbit as shown in this image.  His ears are dope.

Some neat lanterns hanging over the dance par-tay!

They had a unique lounge you could chill in.

The Mad Hatter was a good singer.  Although, looks like the love child of Steven Tyler and Carrot Top......

You can't tell from this photo but these lights hanging from the tree gave the illusion they were dripping.  The light would start at the top and flow down.  Looked really cool. 

I think this character is supposed to allude to the flamingos in "Alice in Wonderland".  I felt like she could topple over at any moment! It looked both dangerous and neat!

On to Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!

Had to take a picture of the witty vending machine.

This photo turned out crazy fuzzy but I kind of like it because it looks like we are about to go to light speed!

Hope you enjoyed this installment!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Disneyland Food Review : Carnation Cafe

Welcome to my Carnation Cafe food review!
Carnation Cafe on Main Street has been my family's special place to eat for years at Disneyland.
It is a special place for me not just because of the food but because of the great memories.
Recently they changed their menu and seating.  They kept some items and added a bunch of new ones. 
Also, instead of just solely outdoor seating they took over the bakery next door and added some indoor seating as well.  I think this was a positive decision due to it's extreme popularity.
I hope you enjoy this review!

Just had to open with this glorious shot of the exterior of Disneyland as we headed to the park.  Makes me soooo excited for Christmas!!! I think there was some "Frozen" inspiration at play here. 

A view of the indoor portion of the restaurant.  We opted to eat outside where we could enjoy the festive Christmas decorations.

There is one MAJOR thing you can do wrong at Carnation Cafe and that is to NOT order the Baked Potato Soup.  I'm so sorry this picture is crappity crap.  Sadly, it was the best one I had!

Even without a stellar picture I can tell you that this soup is AMAZING.  Creamy potato soup topped with bacon, green onions, cheese and sour cream.  It tastes even better than it sounds.  This soup has been on the menu for years and is a cult favorite.  I am sure we will not see this bowl of goodness going anywhere soon.

This is about $6.49.  YUM.

Ken thoroughly enjoying the soup. 

And now to talk about a NEW food item! Fried Pickles with Dipping Sauce.

Ken and I are fried pickle connoisseurs and we have to say these were SCRUMPTIOUS.  I would order 2 baskets next time.  Or 3.  Or 20.  That's how good they were.  Highly, highly, highly recommend. 

These are about $5.99.

Ken gives a thumbs up!

My sister-in-law had been to Disneyland before us and gotten this PB & J Soda. 

This soda is also a new menu item and is TRIPPY! At first you get a rush of grape and then as it runs down you taste the peanut butter.  An adventure for the taste buds for sure.  I wouldn't get it again but I have to say it was super fun to try!

This is about $3.79.

For Ken's main dish he chose a new menu item.  The Green Chile Cheeseburger.  It was a beef burger with manchego cheese, fried egg and house sauce.

I think Ken's generally feeling towards this was "eh, it's good."

Sounded like it was fine but nothing special.

This is about $11.99.

I got a new menu item too.  The Warm Spinach Salad with Grilled Chicken.

It was a grilled chicken salad with spinach, boiled eggs, mushrooms, pickled onions and a warm pancetta mustard vinaigrette.

Thinking about this actually makes me a little sick.

I am a huge fan of all of these components individually but the combination left something to be desired.

I think where it went wrong for me was the fact that it was warm.  If the dressing had been chilled and they used fresh spinach I think I would have been MUCH happier. 

The two little toasted bread slices on the side were also tasteless, dry and stale.

Moral of the story?

Don't get this salad.

Overall, Ken and I were VERY happy with the appetizer portions of the meal.  In fact, we would go back and get the soup and fried pickles again in a heartbeat.  However, I don't think we would get the burger or salad next time.  Though there are some other things I would like to try like Walt's Chili and Chicken-Fried Chicken. 

I would recommend this restaurant but not the particular main dishes that we ordered.  It is a great place to rest your tired legs and enjoy some good food and some good views, especially if you go at Christmas time like we did!